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Taxis are a an easy and inexpensive way to explore the Island. Most metered fares around the Strand and Seawall are under $15 and we will typically have a taxi for you in 10-15 minutes. You can also make reservations by calling 409-526-5071.

Galveston has always been considered a “fun port.” For the early part of Texas history, Galveston, founded in 1836 was the biggest city in the state. As a global port in the 19th century, Galveston truly embodied the wild west with its expansive red light district, gambling halls, and theater. People coming and going everywhere with a sense of an infinite and prosperous future ahead. Learn more about Galveston history.


Taxis on Time for All Your Island Fun!

Apollo/Saturn Moon Rocket | Located all by itself in a massive exhibit, this 326 foot long rocket was originally built for the Apollo 18,19,or 20 missions which were cancelled. Still, by far, the most powerful rocket ever built it generated 168,000,000 horsepower. Fully fueled, the rocket weighed as much as a US Navy destroyer.

Bolivar Ferry Dolphin Watch | Free – The eastern end of the Island ends at the channel which connects Galveston Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. As the fish come in and out of the bay, the Dolphins follow them. Operated by the Texas Department of Transportation, the five ferries go back and forth to Bolivar Peninsula. You can walk, bike, or drive onto the ferries. Many people take the return ride without ever leaving the boat. If you drive off the ferry headed east, you’ll discover a stretch of Texas untouched with large-scale development. Miles and miles of beach houses on magnificient (for Texas!) beaches.

Mardis Gra | 2018 Schedule Here |  One of the World’s largest celebrations is right here on the beach!  The parade on The Strand is now in it’s fourth decade.  What started as a small local celebration has transformed into an island-wide party welcoming 100’s of thousands.

Galveston Cruise Ship History

A 2010 article by the Houston Chronicle nicely sums up the genesis of the cruise ship industry here in Texas.

The Carnival Cruise Lines vessel Carnival Magic will begin sailing from Galveston on Nov. 14, 2011, Galveston Port Director Steve Cernak said.

With three cruise ships in port, each carrying three to four thousand passengers, Galveston hotels get really, really busy on the weekends. That’s 2,500,000 passengers a year now.

Cernak said the Magic is so large, with berths for 3,690 passengers, that the port will have to build a new gangway to accommodate it. The new ship is expected to boost Galveston’s reputation as a cruise-line home port and add revenues to the city’s economy.

“This puts us in the upper echelon of home ports,” Cernak said.

Texas Seaport Museum Located Adjacent To Cruise Terminal

The Texas Seaport museum is a short walk from the cruise ship terminal and features the 1877 tall ship Elissa. Elissa has a steel hull and was later converted to steam power. Galvestonians and Texans alike donated the money to restore the Elissa to original conditions. There’s is a theater in the museum that shows a number of very well-done documentaries.  The museum is both a national and Texas historic land-mark. To this day, the ship still goes out for sails.

Taxi to William P. Hobby Airport $86

Taxi service from Galveston to Hobby is a flat fee of $86 for everybody that can fit into the taxi. William P. Hobby airport was purchased by the city of Houston and expanded to nearly 1300 acres in 1937. Hobby was one of Houston’s premiere philanthropists and public figures. In 1927 the first runway was built on 600 acres. The original terminal building was an art deco style and some of those architectural features have been incorporated into the contemporary hobby airport main entrance. When Houston Intercontinental airport was built in the late 1960’s, Hobby airport was closed down to commercial aviation only to be reborn a decade later by the advent of Southwest Airlines and Texas International (TI) airlines. During World War II Hobby Airport served as a training site for the Women’s Flying Training Detachment (see  WOMEN’S AIRFORCE SERVICE PILOTS).

Houston Intercontinental “Bush” Airport (IAH)

Houston Intercontinental Airport / Bush comprises nearly ten thousand acres and served more than 43 million airline passengers in 2015, making it the 10th busiest airport in the US. Houston was the global headquarters of Continental Airlines until Continental was purchased and wrapped into United Airlines.

The property that eventually became IAH Airport was purchased by a group of businessmen (no women!) in 1957. Of course, this group of investors made a goodly fortune selling their land for the airport.

A Taxi Is A Great Way To Avoid The Parking Peril!

Motorcycles_raly-galveston-taxi-cabThe Sturgis Motorcycle Rally draws 750,000 bikers for the 10-day event. Beach Bike Week attracts 500,000 motorcyclists over 10 days and calls its home Daytona Beach, Florida.

The Lone Star Rally in Galveston (Galveston’s Lone Star Rally) now draws four hundred thousand biker in just 4 days. is a major player on the scene. The rally is the first weekend in November and NOT a good time to go shopping on the strand. It’s super noisy on the Seawall so if you grab a taxi, bring your earplugs!