History of the Taxi Cab

Taxi cabs are an inextricable part of urban life. In every city on the planet, people need to move, and taxis are always there to move them. Generations have acclimated to having rides available on demand, but how did the modern taxi cab come to be? The first taxis...

1900 Storm

The Great Hurricane of 1900  The Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 was the deadliest natural event in United States history. To this day, it has been the deadliest hurricane and the second-most costly hurricane ever--second only to Katrina when adjusted...

Hurricane Ike Tree Sculptures

Hurricane Ike Tree Sculptures In 2008, Galveston was ravaged by Hurricane Ike. Thousands of old growth trees on the island were destroyed, uprooted by the wind and rain, and poisoned by salt water. Some 35,000 trees were lost in the storm and its aftermath. Since...