Top Five Local Restaurants

Los Compas Authentic Mexican

45th street and Avenue R. If you’re visiting Texas, a trip to a local Tex-Mex restaurant is a must. Los Compas features home-cooked meals in an actual renovated home. Definitely not Taco Cabana! They even make their own hot sauce. The menu has dozens of special plates and common Tex-Mex dishes. There are a number of seafood specialities including incredible fish tacos.

No booze here and a really full kid’s menu. Plentiful parking on the street and handicap facilities.


Queens BBQ

Queens magnificently represents an ancient Texas tradition. Careful when you walk in as the aroma will make you instantly famished. Just a couple of short blocks from the Seawall. This is an ideal place to get take out for a beach picnic or snacks in the room —  great even cold!


Himalayan Taste Indian-Nepali Restaurant

The buffet here is absolutely fabulous. It’s a spacious restaurant with brilliant Tibetan murals on the wall. A huge variety of dishes so don’t be afraid to try Indian food for the first time. Everybody likes Tandoori Chicken. Fabulous!



Pho 20 on Broadway | Thai Food

Super seafood and all sorts of noodles. We especially enjoyed their grilled beef hot pot. Obviously, a great place to get vegetarian food. Also, there are lots of low calorie dishes. You can order online as well.

Run by a local couple, this Pho 20 provides truly kind and prompt table service. Likewise, a really nice place for take-out.


Tong’s Happy Buddha

Image result for happy buddhaHappy Buddha has been happily serving food since 1974. A beautiful aquarium just inside the door makes a great invite for kids. With all the family dishes, this is a super value if your kids are under 10. The traditional San Francisco/Chinese menu offers a wide range of priced dishes. Grilled Duck…Mmmm.

If the kids want chicken-fried-rice, this is the place for them.